an autistic perspective on dance










  an autistic perspective on dance

















[Video Description: Against a white curtain, Sam’s forearm and hand reaches straight up from the bottom right of the frame. Their fingers stim and twist in a three second, looping video]

Hi! My name is Sam, I use she/they pronouns, and I am autistic.


This platform is a collection of my wanderings in the wake of my autism diagnosis earlier this year. I’ve been deep in research around autism and the arts for a few months now, but I am getting fed up with the inaccessible tone of academia. My research is focused on what it feels like to be neurodivergent, and academia has a nasty habit of watering down sensation and experience. So I want to talk to you, my neurodivergent friends (or soon to be friends!), to discuss our experience on our own terms. 



[Image Description: Sam, a white person with a buzzed head, is seen against a white curtain. She is using her hands to squish her cheeks upwards. She is topless, and seen from the shoulders up.]